Happy New Year

I’m not going to let this blog collect dust, so here’s a run down of what I have planned in the next year:

  • More blog entries, ideally at least two a month. I literally have more drafts than I have real ones right now. This will come to an end this year. Many of the drafts I have written have little relevance, such as one on Bazaar, which is useless given that I now use git. Another on Duke Nukem Forever, which is pointless given Wired’s recent expose. If you really want these articles, I could post them as unfinished drafts or finish them.
  • Diversity in articles. There will be more posts on the Chattanooga club scene, and musings on reality over a strictly technical blog. Hopefully my existing audience won’t take offense to that. I will not tip into Politics as one of my drafts almost did. If you want to really hear about how I feel about the world, there’s this thing called Twitter.
  • Embrace learning. Not only do I want to learn new technologies such as HTML5, Scala, PostgreSQL, and so forth, I’m going back to school in the summer, so i’m excited. I also want to play Violin.
  • Be even more meta than I can quite possibly be. Or narcissistic. Whatever.
  • Turn the sarcasm up to 11 MISSION ACCOMPLISHED

I also have a few plans for the site in general, if you can brave another unordered list…

  • Move the entire site to WordPress. In reality, I’d love to use Message
  • Leave the folio section even more neglected
  • Add some more color besides black

So sit back and enjoy the show, you’re about to get rocked a second time. 🙂

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