Common questions

What CMS are you using for your site?

The site uses WordPress with a modified Thematic theme. The source code for aforementioned theme will go live momentarily as dictated by the license.

Are you available for work?

Yes. I am available for work. If you’re an employer, my resume can be viewed here. If you are interested in hiring me out for contractor work, contact me directly.

Who is your webhost?

DreamHost is my provider. If you’re looking for a sizable hosting discount, click here.

How can I follow your blog articles?

Simply follow the RSS feed, or follow me on Twitter to stay on top of the updates I make weekly monthly never weekly.

What about your point of view?

The viewpoints expressed here in no way represent those of my current or past employers: Creative Logic Media, Black Snow Media, or any other company listed here.

Where’s the pretty?

The idea behind this site is simplicity, good UX, and better copy. That and a good graphic designer costs money. Go to the portfolio if you want to see the pretty.

What about the content license?

Everything here is Copyrighted 2008-2014 Cameron Kilgore. You can redistribute blog articles under the Creative Commons BY-ND 3.0 License.