These are all websites I have worked on in some capacity over the years.

BeeInPlay aims to provide a platform for find sporting events nationwide. We developed this using a variety of technologies, such as Drupal. I collaborated with the design team to implement the visual styles for this project.
I was involved in the first iterations of the Crowd properties investment product, CrowdVested. This involved developing theming components within the Drupal and WordPress systems, and developing the services architecture for our website and API services.
I worked with the NextGxdx team to build out and implement front-facing components for its application suite throughout the investment and product scoping phases. My work with the product has allowed them to become a pivotal player in the genetic testing services industry.
Advocates for Self Government
Handled the front-end breakout in a joint design done by Black Snow Media, Episode49, and Creative Logic Media. Co-ordinated design efforts with Black Snow Media programmers and Advocates management team.
Handled the design breakout for the Libertarianism site. I Co-ordinated efforts with the internal design team at Black Snow Media to deliver a unique site design to update the outdated branding on the previous Libertarianism site.
United Enertech
I worked as the lead technical developer at United Enertech, helping them execute a new site design, and maintenance of an internal pricing system used to manage orders of HVAC components, process work orders, and integrate that reporting into their CRM systems.
I oversaw the user interface and usability aspects of the site in conjunction with the marketing and design departments, and I was the lead on implementing the site, making legacy browser corrections, and other changes throughout the lifespan of the Service.
Worked with two graphic designers over the course of two years as the chief web designer on Knetbooks, an online store for renting college textbooks. In addition to serving primarily as the implementor of new design elements, I advised on user experience, branding, search engine optimization, accessibility, and browser compatibility for the site.
National Partner Search
Collaborative design for National Partner Search -- I worked under contract with Creative Logic Media to turn out this frontend work for this site.
Stone Services
Handled redesign of the Stone Services website at Smallfish Web Solutions (now 7 Weight Design). Current design does share unique elements with the past design work.
Ghostfreeman.net v3.0
This very site constitutes the third iteration of ghostfreeman.net in various forms and designs. This site was my first major WordPress design, and represented a minor challenge, as I am the master of all things. The screenshots represent various iterations during the two week period in which I was designing the new site.
City of Lakesite
Directly handled the redesign of the homepage for the City of Lakesite. Joomla-driven aimed at providing a portal for citizens and government in the city of Lakesite.